Certified Home Inspector Fred Payne

Fred Payne

Licensed Home Inspector

Fred Payne is the owner and inspector of Payne’s Professional Home Inspections. No responsible home-buyer wants to take a back seat during negotiations to simply be sold a home based on emotional appeal—and that’s why Fred is here to help keep the process grounded by giving you the facts about your prospective home’s condition. Fred truly cares about his clients, doing all that he can to help you secure an easily maintained home that will be one of the most memorable and satisfying investments of your life.

Trained by a Master Home Inspector

Under the tutelage of a Certified Master Inspector with nearly 30 years of experience, Fred took advantage of an incredible opportunity, studying to become a consummate professional in the industry. Fred found that he already possessed many skills that were beneficial to his growth as a home inspector—namely, his keen attention to detail. A veteran of the United States Army, Fred was required to perform countless detail-oriented tasks working as a helicopter mechanic, and later as a car hauler after his enlistment period ended. Every detail matters when inspecting a home, and you can rest assured that Fred will take his time to make sure that you are provided with the information you’ll need to make a protected investment.

A Conscientious Approach to Inspecting Homes

Home Inspector Fred Payne

Every home-buyer deserves a chance to attend their home inspection, and we’ll be sure to invite you to yours so that you can see the home’s strengths and weaknesses for yourself.

Memphis Home Inspector

There’s a tremendous learning curve to home construction, underscoring just how important it is for a home inspector to present information in a way that’s accessible for all clients—and we take every stride to ensure that our inspection findings are straightforward, factual, and concisely summarized.

Memphis Home Inspector

Sometimes, a visual evaluation alone is an impractical approach to a home inspection—that’s why we use technology such as moisture meters, gas leak detectors, and specialized cameras to account for some of the more elusive deficiencies in a home’s construction.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Fred loves to be outdoors, especially when it involves hunting or fishing. Fred is a big fan of fall weather, and he enjoys going out to several different seasonal fairs and festivals. Fred also loves attending air shows—and he happens to be a private pilot himself!


Proudly Serving Memphis and the Surrounding Area

We offer highly professional home inspection services to the Memphis metropolitan area, including Shelby, Tipton, and Fayette counties.

Sunday appointments are available when requested in advance.

At Payne’s Professional Home Inspections, we believe that being able to save money is of the utmost importance when you’re preparing to invest in a home. That’s why we offer an unbiased and honest home inspection that will inform you about repair and maintenance issues that you may wish to address with the seller of the property before moving forward. Contact us today to request an inspection.

As a proud veteran of the United States Army, owner and inspector Fred Payne is honored to extend a discount on all inspection fees for active-duty military, veterans, and first responders. Contact us for more information.